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The vineyard

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The vineyard

To the placement of vineyard in the region it has been resort to setting techniques of the soil in areas of bigger slopes. Cultivated essentially on the slopes that accompany the Douro River and its tributaries, the vineyard can be: traditional, with terraces supported by walls in stone; mechanised, throughout horizontal levels (one or two lines) or vineyard to high, where the lines are arranged in a greater slope sense.

The vineyard assumes a greater importance in lower corgo, where it occupies about 29,9% of the area of this sub-region, that spreads since Barqueiros in the north border and Barrô in the south border to the joining of the Corgo river and Temilobos brook with the Douro. The upper Corgo spreads to upward until Cachão da Valeira, having less importance the area of cultivated vineyard. The superior Douro goes to the frontier with Spain.
The real vineyard area is of about 18,3% of the total area, which is worked by nearly 33.000 wine makers, having each one of them one average of about 1 ha of vineyard. The little plots are present in the entire region, being the big properties located mostly in the superior Douro.

Concerning the soils, their majority are derivatives from schist, with a high quantity of coarse stones, both on the surface as well as in the skyline, which gives protection against the hydro erosion, as well as good permeability to the roots and to the water and high absorption of radiant energy with positive consequences in maturation and in lowered of the daytime thermal amplitude.

Our Team

Our Team

The vineyard is our inheritance... the wine our present...the wine tourism our future!

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