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Wine Moments

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Our Team

Our Team

The vineyard is our inheritance... the wine our present...the wine tourism our future!

Faça o seu próprio vinho, esta experiência ficará bem na sua garrafeira.

A história do Vinho.

Conciliation of different categories of Port wine and different regional fruit jams.
Come and delight yourself with traditional colours, shapes, smells, textures and flavours, feeling and tasting fresh herbs.


Published in Workshops
Medicinal or just pure pleasure, come to know the different essences from regional wild plants.


Published in Workshops
For those who believe that there is no significant difference, come to try and learn how to distinguish our water characteristics.

Olive Oil

Published in Workshops
A profound and closer look upon one of the best gourmet products of the world!
For the wine lovers that intend to increase and improve their knowledge in the area.
For those who want to initiate themselves into the passionate world of the wines come to learn the basic and essential notions of tasting from this long walk
A closer and detailed look upon the wine reality and the wines produced in the region (Douro, Port, Sparkling and Muscat).
Conciliation of different categories of Port Wine and chocolate from different cocoa percentages.
Delight yourself with the best wedding between regional wines and cheeses.


Published in Workshops
Know and appreciate different allotment according to its provenience.
Experience and appreciate the traditional delicacies of Douro (like meat bread, olive bread, comfit figs...) Satisfy your curiosity participating in the making of.